How much should we pay for Hosting for a small business website?

The owners ask quite often, how much is reasonable price for a website hosting and if they are not paying too much.

In many cases to reach good value seems to be difficult for many website owners. Extremes are very common, on one side by trying different "free" solutions on other side being overpriced by choosing the first company without doing any research.

Why not using free solutions:

1. nothing is free, there is always some business model of how to monetize its users
2. usually slower with down-times, no intention to be reliable
3. very limited environment, the paid (or upgrade) features are the important ones
4. often with ads or 3rd party branding on the website

Be aware of misleading pricing on websites of many big companies, big price shown is often very different from price on your later bill.

Ok now the prices:

Fair price at the moment should be between
€4 - €8 per month (€48 - €96 per year) for one website solution.
Talking now about basic website, secure web-shops, very high visit or websites with tons of multimedia will need higher budget for one website solution.

Do you want even better deal?

here is it:  MrDomain

Hope this helps
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