How much should we pay for Hosting for a small business website?

The owners ask quite often, how much is reasonable price for a website hosting and if they are not paying too much.

In many cases to reach good value seems to be difficult for many website owners. Extremes are very common, on one side by trying different "free" solutions on other side being overpriced by choosing the first company without doing any research.

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The Most Important Web Design Trends for 2016 and beyond

Design is constantly evolving and this is especially true when it comes to Website Design. Here you have the most important web design trends for next years.

Mobile first, the dominance of mobile users

mobile website design

We now have the majority of web traffic coming from the different kinds of mobile devices, which means we can no longer just ignore it. We see a focus on centered layouts, scrolling versus clicking, card layouts, sticky navigation and grid layout. Clicks or taps will not result in a new page being loaded anymore which will results in shorter loading times.

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Tips for your Facebook page

Tips for your Facebook page

The importance which acquired social networks in the Internet's evolution is evident. Today, the presence on social networks are the main showcase for the online business, and also traditional brands. Virtual communities are the most direct means of interactive communication between the company and its potential audience, and Facebook, the leading social network is a great tool to enhance the traffic that comes to our business.

Tips for your Facebook page that will help you get more views:

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Responsive Web Design

Main Reasons Why The Future of Web Design is Responsive

It’s no surprise by now that mobile Internet usage has been quickly rising over the last few years. According to a Morgan Stanley report, Mobile internet usage is expected to overtake desktop usage in 2015. Even with this strong evidence, the vast majority of business websites are still not mobile friendly. This is not only causing a headache for users but also a loss in business opportunity.

In this entry we are going to explain why having a responsive website is so critical to your marketing and website performance.

What’s the Difference Between Mobile and Responsive Design?

There are two major methods for creating a mobile websites: Responsive Design and Mobile version of the website. Responsive design requires you only have one website that is coded to adapt to all screen size no matter what the device it’s being displayed on.
In contrast, a mobile version is a completely separate entity requiring you to manage a second website. Mobile versions are also built for each specific device, not per screen size. This can cause some issues as we will discuss below.
Responsive design has been by far the most popular and widely used method for designing a mobile friendly websites. Here are just a few of the most important reasons why your website needs to be responsive.

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5 essential Website features in 2016

If you want to catch-up with your competitors and stay updated, remember these 5 essential must-haves for your website in 2016.

1. Responsive Design

In 2016 we can see around 50% of all website traffic coming from mobile devices and tablets.

In April 2015 Google launched their new update focused on Mobile Friendly design. This new update gives priority to websites which are prepared to be viewed on any device.


Consumers now demand mobile friendly sites, regardless of what you are selling, marketing or promoting. If your website is not fully responsive you may struggle to be found and keep users on your site.

2. User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI)

User experience (UX) can be defined as the overall experience a person goes through while engaged on your website.

Good User interface (UI) is all about helping the user to accomplish a given task as simply and efficiently as possible.


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How to filter spam bots and referral spam from your website traffic analysis

In these days, huge number of websites are affected by some form of the referrer spam, resulting in annoyance and misrepresented website traffic analysis. If you are affected by referrer spam in your Analytics, you should be able to follow couple of simple options to prevent them from spoiling your data. This spam traffic doesn't generate actual website visits, just create fake stats into your website traffic analysis.

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6 advantages of using a CMS to run your website

Using a content management system (CMS) to power your website could be one of the best investments you make in your website – and your business.

And you do need to invest – your website is one of your main tools for communicating with your customers and you want to make sure they love it.

But that doesn't mean you want to get bogged down in technical details. A CMS marries power with simplicity so you still have time to concentrate on improving your business.

Here are six key benefits of using a CMS to run your business website.

1. It's easy for the non-technically minded administrators.

Not all users have the same comfort level with technology, but the basic CMS functions of writing and publishing content, and slightly more advanced ones of adding media are usually easy for everyone to grasp. In fact, anyone who can use word-processing software can use a CMS for the basic functions – so you don't even have to spend much time on training.

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